Stories: Who We Have Lost

Michael “Lanky Moose” Garner was a Beautiful Soul

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Michael Garner

December 9th 1967 Michael Anthony Garner was born on a Saturday night;
no one would have guessed that he would have a short flight.

He loved sports and laughter the most,
but friendship is where he was the best host.

When he was at DeMatha Catholic High School is when he met the love of his life,
& Sherry Lee Gibson after 10 years became his soulmate and devoted wife.

He connected to everyone and never met a stranger,
he was a Prince George’s County police officer and kept people from danger.

Shannon and Darcy are the names of his twins, he always wanted
The Washington Football team and the Raiders to get the most wins.

In 2015 for the second time Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma became his cancer,
but it appeared that his treatment was not the best answer.

He was taking maintenance chemotherapy when he told me he didn’t feel well,
so he caught covid and went through living hell.

He fought hard for 53 days,
half at home and half at two hospital stays.

Although if he had made it, he would have been a shell of a man,
the damage this evil had done caused him to grow his wingspan.

He is now free of pain and sorrow,
but he will only be a dream in everybody’s tomorrow.

God Rest Your Soul “Lanky Moose”, you sure were one silly goose.

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