Stories: Who We Have Lost

Eye Contact

Story aboutRestituto Valenzuela

I miss when my dad’s eyes meet mine in a moment when we are both thinking the same thing. Then we laugh out loud.

Everyone Loved Him

Story aboutSteven Sprague

He was my beautiful sacrificial husband, a beautiful soul, and love of my life. Everyone loved him.

He enjoyed Star Wars, fantasy fiction, D&D, and we made our home our sanctuary. Steve loved Jesus and had an incredible devotion to Him and the Blessed Mother. We prayed together, went on walks, frequented the zoo (his favorite was the female Polar Bear), loved adventures, and deeply loved each other.

I miss his soft kisses, his comforting hugs, unconditional love, calling him my “Handsome Cabana Boy” every morning when he brought me coffee in bed, his sweet voice singing in Church, and how he adored me.

I miss everything about him. I was very blessed.

December 9th 1967 Michael Anthony Garner was born on a Saturday night;
no one would have guessed that he would have a short flight.

He loved sports and laughter the most,
but friendship is where he was the best host.

When he was at DeMatha Catholic High School is when he met the love of his life,
& Sherry Lee Gibson after 10 years became his soulmate and devoted wife.

He connected to everyone and never met a stranger,
he was a Prince George’s County police officer and kept people from danger.

Shannon and Darcy are the names of his twins, he always wanted
The Washington Football team and the Raiders to get the most wins.

In 2015 for the second time Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma became his cancer,
but it appeared that his treatment was not the best answer.

He was taking maintenance chemotherapy when he told me he didn’t feel well,
so he caught covid and went through living hell.

He fought hard for 53 days,
half at home and half at two hospital stays.

Although if he had made it, he would have been a shell of a man,
the damage this evil had done caused him to grow his wingspan.

He is now free of pain and sorrow,
but he will only be a dream in everybody’s tomorrow.

God Rest Your Soul “Lanky Moose”, you sure were one silly goose.

I miss his warm smile . . . his infectious laugh . . . he lit up a room when he entered it. His favorite group was Earth, Wind & Fire. He was a foodie. He enjoyed his home team, the Washington Commanders. He was a true man of God.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Until Today

Story aboutRogelio Lechuga

Around 23 years ago, I saw you through a picture. Your big brown eyes and perfect tan skin were stunning against the evergreen trees and snow in front of those majestic mountains. It was just a picture, but it took my breath away. I gasped in disbelief that this beautiful man living in Colorado thought I was his person. Somehow, someway, I would make my way to you. It took us two months of long nights chatting on the phone, constantly sighing and giggling at every thought to plan for me to fly to meet you. I would fly to CO on December 5, 1998, to meet you. The man I would fall in love with and marry. I knew it from the first hello. I didn’t expect we’d have a last goodbye shortly after turning 40.

You planned our first date to the T. Mexican food, billiards, and our first kiss would be on a small footbridge at the lake where we would get married one day. You were so embarrassed when you embraced me and kissed me after a celebratory pass on the video arcade machine. You kept saying it wasn’t supposed to be this way. You wanted to kiss me as the snow kissed my cheeks. It didn’t matter to me. I was just happy to have your kisses finally. I wanted those kisses for the rest of my life.

There was nothing better than snow. Taking the kids sledding was so much fun. We hiked through it. We even played with snowballs and snowmen. It was an incredibly fun winter wonderland. After all, we lived there for years. Snow was a time for happiness. It pained us to move away from it to find our new job in Arizona. However, you promised we would always find snow, no matter where we went.

We rented cabins. We always kissed in the snow. It was a tradition you never broke after that first failure. Snow was so magical. We squealed to see it every single time. I loved the snow since I fell in love with you in it. Snow angels had nothing on you at all. The last time we went was on our son’s sixth birthday. We drove up to Payson for the day. It was unplanned, but you promised that we would go back and huddle up in a cabin as we watched the snowfall one day. As we ran through snowbanks, we laughed. We threw snowballs. It was magic. It was like a fairytale, and I did not want it to end.

COVID took you before we got to see the snow again. The kids longed for the snow. Because they saw the snow, it made them think of you and make them happy. They wanted to be close to you too. To see you in the snow like I always do. This past weekend, we made it to the snow. I looked into the vast white blanket, and I shivered. You are with me as I sank my feet in and exhaled heavily. I let the tears fall. When I see snow, you are there. I cried in the snow that day.

I watched our boy play, and his cheeks went red. He laughed and smiled. I know he found you there too. Oh, how we miss you. The cold never bothered me until today, when I realized we would never have another snow together. I wish you were still with me, and in a way, you are. You live in through the memories, so I will smile even if I want to cry. I never lost you, even if it feels like sometimes I did. You live through every moment that takes my breath away. It reminds me that you once stood there. You live on in my heart, and I will never let those moments go.

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