Stories: Who We Have Lost

And so it continues

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Michael Mantell

Last night I was on my Covid Connections for Change group meeting. It has been close to two years that I have been on the weekly calls on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m. I have met such wonderful caring people who have been in the same boat as myself, dealing with our loss from losing someone to Covid. I lost Mike, my husband of 38 years, two years ago. He was 66. This year would have been 40 years of marriage (a milestone for many considering divorce is now 50%).

And now, I feel as though my trauma, and our collective trauma, is once again magnified, over and over again, because of this resurgence of Covid in New Jersey and elsewhere, and the fact that most people just don’t care anymore. People have been vaccinated, boosted and/or are still getting covid but not dying, and then they say, it is like getting your worst cold.

People forget that getting Covid is the worst trigger for me, because I think if only Mike could have gotten a vaccine he would still be here and I wouldn’t be in this much pain. When I hear that over 1 million Americans have died from Covid, I just can’t understand how this is still happening now. Why don’t people get the booster? I don’t want anyone else to feel such loneliness and pain as I am feeling two years out. Their lives, our lives, are changed forever. Guess I am rambling, but I just needed to vent my sadness. We all should.

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