Stories: Who We Have Lost

Dream about My Father

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Jorge Vilchez

Before I went to sleep last night I begged my Dad to visit me in my dreams. I have dreamt with him a few times but never on my request.

I was really feeling out of it. I didn’t want to celebrate Father’s Day since I no longer have one physically to celebrate with. Well guess what? He came and looked so angelic and like himself.

So, I have a phobia of rodents. When the little sneaky things got in our house — Omg I’d get all dramatic and my Dad, being my hero, made me feel not so scared.

Well, in my dream, there were pigs on my roof. I go screaming inside the house, “Paaaaaaaapppiiiii! There are pigs on our roof! Call animal control!”

It’s Sunday are they open? Omg how did they get there ( I was going a thousand miles a minute) My Dad laughs and says, “Jennifer, relax, they are pigs. They will come down and go somewhere else.”

He didn’t call animal control but his reassurance that everything was going to be ok meant everything. Thank you, Papi, for stopping by. I love you. Woke up wanting to cry but all I could do is laugh. Felt so real.

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