Stories: Who We Have Lost

Thanksgiving 2017

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Wilmard Santiago

Thanksgiving five years ago in 2017 was at my brother's house. He was so happy to host us.

My brother did not have much, but the little he had, he shared. He didn't have a table for all to sit around, but we all managed to sit together and eat, talk, listen to music and dance.

And photos, lots of photos. He loved taking pictures. It was a beautiful day. Those memories came up on my Facebook page today. It hurt looking at those memories. He was in those photos, of course, but so was my stepson, Alberto Locascio, who also passed from COVID on September 20, 2021. How I wish they were both here. We miss them both.

Today, the night before Thanksgiving 2022, I thank God for them and those memories. I am thankful for the time we spent together. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our angels in heaven.

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