Stories: Who We Have Lost

It Did Not Have To Be This Way

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Johnny Fischer

Warnings about the dangers of Covid leading to massive deaths were purposefully delayed in our country due to political reasons in February and March 2020. How could they wait that long to warn us, especially since many super spreaders of Covid were asymptomatic?

My brother Johnny entered short term rehab in a nursing home in early March of 2020. If I had known what was covered up I would have transferred him home. He was a real helper and protector. I remember all that he did to help our grandparents when they lived with us and their health was failing. He was a huge helper for our father and mother with all their medical issues. I always helped my brother but his facility was closed to visitors shortly after he arrived in rehab. Where were the helpers and protectors for Johnny and all the others? Some were there but it was too late. We needed more helpers and protectors proactively. This is very sad and tragic for so many, knowing that it did not have to be this way.

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