Stories: Who We Have Lost

He taught me grief is love

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Brad Shroyer

My dad and I didn’t have to say anything … we could read each other’s thoughts.

“Always say what you need to say, because you never know what can happen” he told me as a young teen.
So, I always did.

“Break the chain” he would tell me when I didn’t like the way my life was headed.
So I would.

“Where’s the love?” He would ask when family would argue.
He reminded us to love first.

He didn’t teach me about God, he modeled a God loving man.

Him and his brother laughed until tears rolled! They mumbled stories through the laughter no one else could understand.
They taught me connection.

He turned wood into art pieces.
He taught me creative thinking.

“You know you can always talk to me.”
He taught me trust.

“Dad, how do I look?” I asked him the morning of my first day at the new job.
“Smile.” He told me
So I did.
“You look beautiful.”
He taught me that I am beautiful. Me.

“God created 100 ways to breathe.” He stated after he regained his breath.
He taught me that a strong mind and will can keep you alive, even when your body is failing from Covid.

“Mandy, you know God is the answer to everything.” He told me from the hospital.
“I know, Dad.”

“Mandy, am I dying?” He asked me after the nurse had expressed concern.
“Yes, dad. You are.”
He taught me honesty is love.

“See you in heaven.” He told me in his sign language.
He taught me we are not in control.

“I love you daddy,” I told him as he took his last breaths. “It’s okay to go.”
My dad left his body.
He taught me grief is love.

I still hear him. I know he is with me at times.
He taught me intuition.

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