Stories: Who We Have Lost

A Pouring Out Of Liquid

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Johnny Fischer

The day after our book launch and reading, my family and I visited Historic New Bridge Landing in River Edge, NJ — which is significant for its association with the Revolutionary War and was a strategically important site. One of the volunteers was a man dressed as one did in the Colonial Era. He was teaching us about his African American tradition of pouring liquid, water or liquor, on the ground to honor one’s dead ancestors. He explained that this was called libation and it began somewhere in the Nile Valley of Egypt and spread throughout Africa and the world and was carried out by his ancestors even in colonial America. Libation is also carried out to honor the memories of friends who have passed. He gave me a big water jug to pour on the ground and he asked me who I was honoring. I told him that it was an offering to the souls and memories of all those who passed from Covid. A whole weekend honoring our loved ones who will continue to be remembered forever gave me peace.

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