Stories: Who We Have Lost

An answered prayer

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Keith Wisecup

Thank you, Craig …

I have visited my son’s gravesite once a week for over 2 years. I’ve only recently missed a week which I’ve learned to give myself grace.

I felt a bit wound up after work and really needed to recenter so I stopped at the cemetery right after work. The wind was crisp and cold. It felt like I just couldn’t get warm enough. I did my usual surveying of the area before I started singing “You are my Sunshine.”

I sang that to him when he was a little boy and also on the day he passed away so it’s become a ritual of sorts and my connection to him. I sat there on his bench talking to him. It was one of those talks where I poured my heart out. I started to cry as I listed all the things I really missed about him. I told him there’s no way you can just be “gone gone.”

I told him I’d like to think he’s in heaven, healed and happy. He needed that healing both physically and emotionally. Shouldn’t I be happy if he’s happy? Is it selfish of me to just want to sit next to him, hug him, hear him again. I miss the random middle of the night calls where we’d stay up for hours talking, I miss how he would jump a little bit when got excited about something, I miss that infectious laugh. I even miss his tremendously stubborn head strong ways.

I sat there feeling a deep connection to Keith in that moment.I said out loud that at times like this I feel like I need guidance from my spirit guides.

I heard a voice saying “excuse me, I’m so sorry to bother you but I’ve seen you here often.” There stood an older gentlemen with a cane, his Bible, and his sweet little dog. I explained how I was here visiting my son’s grave and I come here at least once a week.

He said, “I know I’ve seen you here so many times.”
I told him of Keith’s struggles and how he passed from covid.
I think the most beautiful thing he did was ask me ABOUT my boy. He asked me what Keith went to college for, how old he was, ETC. ETC!! Such a precious gift to also talk about his LIFE. I’m telling you, if you know someone who lost a loved one … ASK them about their lives.

He asked if it was okay if we prayed.
Through my tears I said yes.
He told me that he really felt like today was the day to finally approach me. He felt drawn to do it. I told him he quite possibly was an answer to my prayer.
He told me his name was Craig. I told him my name and he said the most beautiful prayer I’ve ever heard.
He asked me a question, “Where do you think your son is now?”
I said “I would like to think he’s in heaven, so happy and so healed.” I don’t want to think he’s just gone.

He told me that he admired the love and dedication I have for my son
He shared a little about his life and family and away he went.
As he walked away, I knew that my prayers were answered.
Thank you, Craig.

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