Writing Offers Comfort

 A time-honored way to honor the deceased is by writing about them. The process helps you strengthen your relationship to the person you have lost and can create unexpected emotional connections. Writing down specific stories and details is necessary and comforting. It’s a form of self-care, which is a priority at the WhoWeLost Project: Respect for the mourner as well as the mourned. 

Please take a look at our “Writing Toolbox,” full of tips to help spark memories and inspire as you begin writing. Some of you may need these starter ideas, while others will settle into the writing process more instinctively. There’s no formula that’s correct just as there is no ‘right’ way to grieve. If you find that writing their story alone is too difficult, consider enlisting the help of others who knew your lost loved one and suggest composing the story together as a group. It’s a meaningful activity and you might be surprised at how therapeutic group writing can be.  Finally, take your time as you write these stories. Maybe it will take you a week, or a month, or longer. When you’re ready to post, we will be here for you — waiting, listening, and remembering.

Please, shelter their stories.