Who We Lost: A Portable COVID Memorial

“Poignant and practical…a wonderful resource for those seeking an outlet for their grief.” —Publishers Weekly  

Who We Lost is the first book that directly acknowledges the free-floating grief of the COVID-bereaved, affirms that it must be addressed, and offers a purposeful activity that respects mourners as well as the mourned.

Early in the pandemic, WhoWeLost.org invited mourners to write memories of loved ones lost to COVID on the website. Our site has been growing ever since, as the bereaved continue to write and publish stories, and the writer’s toolbox section of the website offers guidance for anyone wishing to contribute a story about who they lost and publish it on our grassroots public memorial.

The resultant book contains dozens of stories as well as writing prompts to help others write remembrances. It is a community-generated tribute, an elegy, a handbook, and a collective memorial.

Who We Lost contains a section of stories written by medical professionals and frontline workers who discuss both personal and collective loss, and we are proud to offer these essential voices a place to be heard and understood. These stories align and emotionally interact with the memories of other writers in the book who lost loved ones and friends.  Who We Lost is a perfect volume to give anyone who has lost someone to the pandemic. It is non-political, and offers comfort through empathy and action.

Who We Lost: A Portable COVID Memorial is available now from Belt Publishing, and through booksellers everywhere. 

For further information about this website, the anthology, or for queries regarding interviews and event/workshop requests, reach out to our director/editor, Martha Greenwald, through the contact form.