Stories: Who We Have Lost

My daddy the fighter

Who did you lose to Covid 19? Lawrence Hunt

My daddy has always been a junk dealer. He loved going places, buying and selling just about anything. He liked talking to people — I think he knew everyone in the county and several counties around us. He loved his family and he loved telling everyone about all his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. About 3 years ago he had to have both of his legs amputated but we never let him give up. He fought hard and he bounced back, he knew he couldn’t do the things he use to do but he adjusted and figured out things he could do. Then the pandemic hit and it made it harder for him because people couldn’t come around him because they were afraid they would make him sick but he still had the immediate family around encouraging him that it would maybe end soon. But somehow Covid made it to my dad’s house and on Thanksgiving day in 2020 my dad was taken to the hospital and tested positive for Covid. I was so scared because I was thinking that someone with his health problems he would not be coming back. But to my surprise he was back home in about three days. It was like there was nothing wrong with him. So when they started talking about the vaccine he couldn’t wait to get it; he said he would be first in line but that didn’t happen because on Feb. 3rd 2021 my dad the fighter died from complications of COVID-19.

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