Stories: Who We Have Lost

Bob graduated from Tomah High School (WI) in 1954. He had a short stint in the Wisconsin Army National Guard before becoming active duty in the U.S. Air Force (stationing in the Philippines and then Japan) and afterwards joining the U.S. Air Force Reserves. After his initial military service, Bob earned his B.A. in languages (Japanese/Spanish) at the University of Minnesota (U of M). After his undergraduate studies, he spent a year in Cali, Columbia, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bookkeeping while honing his Spanish. A lover of languages, Bob returned to the U of M to pursue a doctorate, where he met his beloved German bride and ultimately earned his M.A. in Spanish/Linguistics.

Bob (“Professor Dahl”) was passionate about instructional systems design (curriculum development and assessment) and taught language courses at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN; Concordia College in Moorhead, MN; and the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. His civil service teaching career kicked off in 1969 when he taught at Air University’s (then) Foreign Officers School on Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL. While teaching at Foreign Officers School, Bob went back into reserve service for a year with the Alabama Air National Guard. He continued with curriculum development, instruction, and desktop publishing with Civil Air Patrol and then Air University’s Air War College. Along the way, Bob received an M.S. in Adult Education and Ed.S. in General Educational Administration from Troy University. Bob retired from civil service in 1994 but continued to work in the educational field for several more years teaching English and Spanish both privately and for local continuing education programs.

Bob loved flying airplanes as a teenager and learning and teaching foreign languages throughout his adult life. His love for dad jokes, cats, family, and food endeared him to everyone who met him. Bob enjoyed 54 years of marriage. His wife, three children, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter-in-law, and great granddaughters were the light of his life. Forever with a friendly smile on his face, Bobbie/Bob/Dad/Opa will be dearly missed.

Their Light of Love and Hope Still Shine

Story aboutHiram J. Green, Ella F. Green

Our father Hiram J. Green was 86 years old when he passed away on April 13, 2020 due to complications from COVID 19. We lost our mother Ella F. Green who was 85 years unexpectedly 3 days before dad on April 10, 2020. Mom and dad were high school sweethearts that were married for 61 years. They were the most loving and wonderful parents to me and my brother and sister.

Our mother had such a beautiful spirit and sowed seeds of kindness into the hearts of everyone she met. She was a woman of faith who lived her life with integrity and grace. Mommy was a woman of faith who was a leader in her church and the community where they lived. She served with dedication and commitment. My mother poured her love generously into the lives of her three children.

Dad was an intelligent, hard working man who sacrificed and provided for our family. He had so many interests that he enjoyed and shared with all of us. I remember so clearly getting up in the wee hours of the morning to head to Jersey for the deep sea fishing trips. He gave us the love of music and sports and countless other activities. Dad was friendly and kind, he was always ready to share a story and a laugh with anyone he met. He was engaged in political action groups and instilled in us the importance of speaking out and advocating for what is right on behalf of those who are less fortunate. Like my mother he was dedicated to their community. His love for us was always evident by his heartwarming smile and the loving embrace whenever he saw each of his children.

In the weeks before we lost our parents, I saw in them the faith and courage that comes when you believe and trust in God. We were unable to be with them physically so we had to put our trust in God to take care of them no matter what was going to happen. I can still hear my mother’s voice on the message she left telling us that we would get through this crisis. Her confidence, hope and expectation of a positive outcome have kept me to this day.

I’m realizing each day that I am them and they are me. I am inspired by their life to go on and learn to love completely and give unselfishly always believing the best of others. This is their legacy passed on to us. As we continue this journey, their light of love and hope still shine in our hearts. We love them always and for eternity.

Together, We Remember Steve

Story aboutSteve Johnson

Stories gathered from friends and family have a way of sustaining us in our remembrances. I collected some memories about my husband Steve. When read together, they paint a beautiful portrait of who he was and what we shall remember:

After Steve passed away from hospital-acquired Covid, I came across a video of him. He disliked me recording him, since he walked with a cane due to neuropathy from CRC. As Steve walked towards me he flashed “the one finger salute,” but followed it with bunches of blown kisses! – Cindy Johnson, wife

Steve and Cindy honored their wedding vows “until death do we part.” They accepted each other’s likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, Steve was taken too soon, which deeply saddens Cindy, Erica, all our family, and friends. Steve was a smart, kind, helpful man. We all miss him so much. -Priscilla Bruno, mother-in-law

Dad, an eagle scout, loved taking me into the wilderness. Once, he was demonstrating the “right” way to cross country ski and got stuck in the snow. He always made me laugh, especially with his statement, “walk this way,” and he’d do this funky dance that he expected me to follow. – Erica Johnson, daughter

Steve was a kind and compassionate man, always there for people who needed encouragement. Remembering Steve makes me smile. He was handsome with a smile that would bring people out of the depths of despair, an angel on earth. Hopefully my sons will emulate him. Rest in Peace Sweet Steve. – MaryJo Ganey, family friend

It’s a sunny day and Steve’s driving a pontoon boat on Percy Priest Lake. His shirt’s off, shades on, hair’s blowing, with one hand on the throttle and the other on the wheel. He was truly “living in the moment.” He straps on crutches to disembark with a big smile. – Karen Steward, family friend

Steve was a great friend to me and my wife, Jo. He was a computer and cell phone whiz, and helped us out many times with technical problems and questions. Always patient and smiling, Steve was a true light to be around and we miss him greatly. -Scott and Jo Wetzell, Family Friends

For a holiday getaway we were invited by the Johnsons to join them in Crystal River, FL, where we stayed in a unit on the water. Only Steve caught a fish from the dock, and it was a TROPHY!! – Art Maier, family friend

We were in Nashville. Our wives were on a girl’s day, leaving Steve and I on our own. Time for “CoronaRitas.” We decided to head to the local bar. When the wives joined us, despite his physical limitation, Steve led Cindy to the dance floor and swept her around. -Pete Bonner, brother-in-law

My favorite memory is a conversation I’d heard about Steve: I was eating in the cafeteria at the hospital and I overheard some ladies talking about this handsome man and how he had the most beautiful hair. They spoke of his wife but said if he wasn’t married, they would go after him. Then I heard something about cancer and I knew they were talking about Steve. I walked over and told them that I knew they were discussing my best friend. I was right. I will always remember his spirit, spreading love and light. – Elizabeth Weekes, family friend

Mom's Laugh

Story aboutFran Kapp

When I think of my Mom, I hear her laughter. She had the most wonderful laugh that filled up a room with joyful, loving energy. I recently asked many close friends and family what they remember and miss most about my Mom and they always say it’s her laugh and her heart of gold.

She is also remembered for being a die-hard, lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and she passed down her love for the Cubs and game of baseball to me. The night the Cubs won the World Series we called each other immediately (it was after midnight and of course my Mom was still awake and watching every second). We were both laughing and crying and jumping for joy together, over the phone, she in Chicago and me in Phoenix. She was so happy, and it meant so much to her because it meant so much to the generations of our family that she loved, to the city that she loved, and for the memories that we have had over the years (win or lose and of course there was a lot of losing!) going to Cubs games at Wrigley Field in Chicago and for spring training in Arizona.

My Mom, Fran Kapp, died of Covid-19 on 11/27/2020. She would be here today sharing her heart and laughter, and of course, rooting for the Cubs, if Covid hadn’t taken her. She will always be loved, and the sounds of her laughter will forever be filling our hearts.

El Jefe… Mi Papi

Story aboutMarvin Delgado

Mi papi’s dancing was terrible! He would throw himself on the floor and I would always think “Yep, this is it. He won’t be able to get up.” But he always did. And that is who he was. He always got up. He always kept going. That fight against all odds was his gift to me. I miss him. #Eljefe #ElAbuelo#MiPapi#Tio #ElAmordemimadre

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